In the last few years real state gives a rent ability and security more superior to any deposit certifications, public debt titles or even the stock market; besides gives a traditional counterfoil before any economic or social crisis, as well the lost of value of the international currencies which is affecting even the US dollar.

The raise of the value in real state in the high zone of the west central valley has being superior, in percentage terms, to the active banking credit rates; the construction of shopping malls, offices centers, educational and medic centers guarantee that the development of the zone is just starting. In this stage of the project, our clients get as well a property of incomparable and exclusive qualities, an excellent investment of very high capital gain.

We have the support to mortgage plans for condos with the principal Banks
of the Country: Banco Nacional and INTERFIN.

In this stage of the Condominium, our clients obtain in addition to an incomparable and exclusive property, an excellent investment with a very high return; more than any stock or bank option.

No rent, buy your own property in Costa Rica.

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