The AVALON Project has a big gamma of apartments, compounds of two hundred apartments of 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms divided in five buildings, is considered as well the development  of AVALON PLAZA with commercial premises and offices located in the first level. The previous thing is for offer an extense range of services to the residents of the condominium and as well to the general public.

The commercial business are not thought to compete with the big shopping centers or malls in the area but  business who offers products and services of daily common, easy and quick use, as an examples: pharmacy, bakery, banking services, laundry, beauty salon, coffee shop, convenience store etc.

All that commerce has as clients all the residents of the building and office complex as well a very important quantity of costumers who are in transit in the area.

As the same time the offices are destined to young professionals who don’t want to fell in expensive rents or to buy offices in the near big business complexes in the area, for example: lawyers, accountants, arquitects, physicians, dentists, etc. There is the possibility of combine the area of public attention in the lower plant and the offices and administration in the second plant, with a good communication between them and optimize the use of areas and costs as well.

The rental market is in constant develop and the demand of apartments with quality characteristics, panoramic views and services, in exclusive areas as Santa Ana, will keep being very high in the future.

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